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Thanks for taking the time for visiting my website. I’ve been in the business of building websites for about 15 years now, it was a completely new industry for me when I started out as I’d previously worked in construction for most of my life.  I am in my late 50’s, so probably a bit older than most people who put websites together!  I have loads of websites on all sorts of different subjects, but this one is kind of close to my heart – because I actually use VigRX Plus myself.  You can read my VigRX Plus review on the homepage on this website.

My Biography

Name: I don’t like to use it publicly on sites like this, sorry
Age: Wrong side of 50!
Location: East Coast of the USA
Marital Status: On third marriage, hopefully the last!
Religious Beliefs: A higher being, looking forward to meeting him, her, or it!
Interests: Website Development, Biking (the motor kind!), 70’s rock (when it was all good!)

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